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Message In A Bottle

Giorgia Vanni brings a unique twist in her blistering remake of one of The Police's most iconic songs. 

To build a perfect rock star, there are several crucial ingredients needed and Rocker Giorgia Vanni has them all. From musical talent covering heartfelt songwriting, singing with a seductive and passionate edge, with precision guitar solo artistry and top off with physical attractiveness that can turn heads. Rocker Giorgia Vanni is a musical shooting star just beginning to lift off for the world to see and hear.” - Pat Calamari

— Program Director / On Air Personality / Podcaster WBXO Classic Rock Radio, Poughquag, NY.

After I recovered from the shock and awe from listening to it, I can safely say that everyone who listens to it will love it... Covering Message in a Bottle is an extremely tricky song to cover wherein its all about the timing which I am starting to think Giorgia was a carpenter in her other life because she out n out NAILS IT... The vocals were spot on, the whole track was tight from beginning to end. The end of song really kicks in and kicks ass. I highly recommend everyone picking this up upon its release and sit back and enjoy a feelgood song from an amazing artist... It is with great pleasure that I give Message In a Bottle, my highest rating of 5 STARS... KUDOS...” - Carlo Bellario

Animal House Radio

The singer Giorgia Vanni is back in the headlines after releasing her debut single, "Bleed For Love", which featured the participation of the leader of the band Slaughter, Mark Slaughter on guitar. This time the charismatic Giorgia puts her talent in a reinterpretation of one of the greatest hits by the band The Police, the song "Message In A Bottle". [...] Giorgia shows a lot of versatility in this new challenge and definitely confirms that she has a powerful voice and that very soon she will be conquering more and more space in the world of music.” - Paulo Marcio

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Giorgia Vanni

Giorgia Vanni releases "Bleed For Love", the first single out of her upcoming album, bringing a whole new fresh, sassy and sultry approach to modern rock. With a powerful vocal performance, a dynamic beat and the electrifying guitars of Mark Slaughter, "Bleed For Love" makes a strong statement about emancipation, pride and self-love that will remind you of the importance of putting yourself first.